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Storm Swept

Does driving off a cliff metaphorically in the business world lead to the same literal event? It did for Ed Carsen. While traveling from Boston to Reno to take up a new job, Ed followed the GPS uncritically and landed in a ravine. It was not a great start to retrieving a life gone massively wrong. He had wrecked his marriage, job, and friendships, and now stranded his truck.

Ed took up the challenge to fix a badly broken business in Nevada and hoped to get enough distance to put his life back together. He discovered he could not run far enough from the Lord, or from good friends dedicated to his restoration. The space between his friend Will Winkleman and Ed's recalcitrant employees pinched ever more tightly. The arrival of the subject of his illicit affections further ratcheted up the pressure.

The exciting climax illustrates both God's judgment on sin and His loving desire for reconciliation. Ed was driven to the conclusion that God wasn't done with him.

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