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Storm Swept

Beryl and Nigel are at it again. Nigel is still recovering from the bullet that shattered his femur. Beryl is still recovering from the stress of a automobile accident, a failed romance, and the confrontation with two gun-wielding maniacs where Nigel got shot. Both are hoping for a return to a routine life at Mid-North College.

But their plans for a major conference on the reliability of Scripture are disrupted by faculty members who feel threatened. Their equilibrium is disturbed by a mafia don who is trying to figure out what happened to his money and property in Rockford, Illinois, where the school is located. And Beryl and Nigel are both cast into the stress of romance, each with a new girl-friend.

The penchant of the two friends for wise-cracks and jokes does not relieve the stress which rapidly builds to a crescendo. They once again learn they have to trust the Lord to pull them through this next set of adventures.

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