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Love Swept

Best friends Beryl and Nigel are teamed up once again to face a steady stream of challenges. Their lives are being rearranged by forces bigger than themselves. Beryl learns lessons from the Lord as he struggles to deal with two very real albeit unlikely characters: a Mafioso who is curious about the gospel and a former teacher who has made a shipwreck of himself.

In the midst of gut wrenching challenges, comedy does not elude them as Beryl and Nigel become victims of a series of faux pas, some of their own making—such as a wild one-hundred mile journey the night before Beryl's wedding to retrieve the rings. And they experience, deep danger when they are confronted with a kidnapping by a renegade U. S. Attorney, who leads them on a wild chase. Through it all, Beryl and Nigel continue their habit of picking at each other and cracking jokes, to the continued eye-rolling objections of their friends and acquaintances.

If you want to read a great adventure of fallible men of God as they navigate the modern challenges of life in 1960’s Midwestern America, then this book is for you!

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