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Consequential Actions

As a pilot for the United States Army Air Corps Ferry Command, Captain Lane Johnson is responsible for flying Boeing B-17 bombers from the factory in Renton, Washington to wherever they may be needed. Usually this involves a trip across most of the continental United States. A serious mechanical failure, compounded by a series of errors by the co-pilot nearly causes a crash, and in fact, results in the airplane being written off as unrepairable. Lane uses the opportunity to begin a witness to the co-pilot, Jack Flannigan, who was sure he was going to die during the incident.

Lane and Jack become close friends as they work hard to mold the squadron into an effective organization. The success results in a promotion for Lane, who takes over the squadron from Major Carlsen, his boss. The continued witness influences Jack, who resists the Gospel until he is caught in a thunderstorm as the pilot in command.

Lane grows into maturity as an Army officer and pilot. He guides Jack's progress as a new believer. The great crisis in both their lives come as they witness the crash of a prototype B-29 bomber into a building in downtown Seattle – an actual event. The reader is taught about growing in the faith during times of stress and adversity.

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